Our projects

The Jorge Marin Foundation undertakes activities that benefit children and adolescents from vulnerable communities in Mexico and other parts of the world. In accordance with our lines of action, we conduct workshops, contests, videos, and talks to highlight the idea of art as a tool for transformation.
     In the five years since our establishment, we have achieved great results and have a presence in various cities around the world. Since 2017, this has included more than 5,500 participants in our virtual and in-person activities, 2 photographic competitions a year with over 1000 participants, and a daily increase in our social media presence, with our stories generating more than 150,000 reactions.

Our activities

Current projects


In 2010, three monumental Jorge Marin sculptures were installed along the emblematic Paseo de la Reform in Mexico City, an avenue rich in architecture and public art. One of the objectives of this first exhibition in public space was to initiate conversation around the idea of freedom and movement. As explained by Jorge Marin: “art has become an instrument for inspiration in the face of borders and limits, conciliating stories and journeys, regardless of our origins”.
     Among the sculptures included in the exhibition, was Wings of Mexico. It was immediately accepted by spectators as an aesthetic-participative experience that encouraged a direct relationship between the public and the work of art. By taking up public space, a solid alliance is formed with the visitor who interacts with the enormous bronze sculpture and creates a deep social connection by completing it and becoming part of it.

Since then, the Wings of Mexico has travelled through various cities in Mexico and the United States, and on to multiple cities in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, where it has been permanently installed as a symbol of unity, identity and the universal citizen, as well as of an increasingly solidary and harmonious society.
     In each of the 44 cities in which the piece has been exhibited, activities, workshops and competitions have been held, converging our three lines of action, and attending to the vulnerable populations to whom we are committed.


UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, works across the world to reach vulnerable children and adolescents and protect their rights. UNICEF has a presence in more than 190 countries, and uses its global authority to work with partners on all levels to guarantee that children have the best start in life and can prosper in an environment free of poverty, inequality, discrimination and illness.
     UNICEF Ambassadors and Friends help to disseminate, promote, and protect the rights of children and adolescents. They come from a variety of backgrounds, places, and life trajectories, but are united in their commitment to improving the lives of children around the world.
     Jorge Marin has supported the work of UNICEF since 2018 through creative arts workshops, collaboratively designed between the Foundation and UNICEF. The workshops are a psycho-emotional or psycho-social support resource for migrant children, in which, under the guidance of Marin himself, or other Foundation staff, they are able to connect with their experiences and recover feelings of safety and belonging that have often been eroded or lost during the arduous migratory trajectories.
     In December 2019, he was named a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for his commitment to and efforts for migrant children, helping to guarantee the right of all children and adolescents to live with dignity, regardless of their origin or destination.