In 1989, the Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted. This recognized children as individuals with full rights to physical, mental, and social development, as well as to freely express their opinions.
     As part of its focus of action and conscious of the need to join forces to provide solutions, the Jorge Marin Foundation includes education through art as a tool for dialogue, reflection and creativity. Art, as a medium of human expression, enables development through activities that promote personal growth through sensory experiences.
     In tune with UNICEF, the Jorge Marin Foundation understands that an education enriched with art and culture fosters the complete development of children’s personality, aptitudes, and mental and physical capacity to reach their full potential; it inculcates respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms; promotes respect for their own cultural identity, language, and values, as well as those of difference cultures. Art education allows children to assume a responsible life in a free society, with a spirit of understanding, peace, tolerance, and equality.

We develop educational activities for children and adolescents from vulnerable communities in Mexico and other parts of the world.

We work with migrant communities in various cities across the world, mainly in collaboration with UNICEF and their Education program. This develops skills through solid educational systems and innovative solutions.
     We have also concentrated our efforts on children from the Sac Chich rural community in Yucatan.

We implement artistic workshops in vulnerable communities to foster access to knowledge, culture and identity, as well as to develop free expression and creativity.

The Jorge Marin Foundation is committed to the idea that art and culture are transformational elements that contribute to guaranteeing the right to learn, to creativity, to free expression, and to developing progressive capacities. Art not only serves the purpose of aesthetic enjoyment, but is also an opportunity for expression and reflection. We highlight educational needs, while at the same time, promote values such as tolerance, solidarity, respect, and integrity.

We mainly conduct workshops and activities in the Yucatan peninsula, where we actively participate in the Salvador Alvarado primary school in the Sac Chich community, with resources for infrastructure. We also promote an educational program to strengthen social skills and fully develop students through art. In addition, we implement workshops in border areas of Mexico, and in cities around the world where the public work of the sculptor, Jorge Marin, is installed.