The hammock weaving workshop was completed in the community of Sac Chich, Yucatán

By: Rosario Ojeda

Yucatán, June 2023 – This Wednesday, May 31, marked the end of the Hammock Weaving Workshop that has been taking place since January of this year, organized by the Jorge Marín Foundation (FJM) in the rural community of Sac Chich, Yucatán.
     For the more than 20 registered participants, this was an important experience as they learned to use threads, needles, and looms to develop different types of stitches – such as double carioca, crepe, or pajarillo. With this knowledge, they made hammocks that were later put up for sale, providing economic resources to several families in the community.
     Faustino Puc, the workshop instructor, says that he learned the secrets of hammock weaving in his childhood, and now he is pleased to teach his knowledge and secrets to the inhabitants of Sac Chich so that they can continue this tradition and, if possible, pass it on to their children.
     “My satisfaction comes from seeing them learn and fostering harmony in their work. We communicate and converse here, we have good interaction. That’s what I enjoy the most about teaching them,” said teacher Puc. He added that, in his opinion, the workshop attendees put in all their efforts to master the art of hammock weaving while taking advantage of each session to strengthen the bonds that keep them united as a community.